Dynamic Wireless Charging AGVs:

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Our Mission

Warehouses, harbors, and airports are demanded to operate at a faster and faster rate every day. Advancements in technologies have allowed this to happen by introducing automated guided vehicles, which have proven effective in these sectors. However, at what cost?  

These vehicles use big batteries for which content is harmful to the environment after its lifetime. Besides, to build these machines, we exploit many of the planet’s rare metals and resources.  

Financially speaking, it is not very productive to have an area where AGVs can charge and the time it takes for them to be charged.  

With Dynamic Wireless Charging, these problems are solved. This technology would charge the vehicles while moving, thus they would not need to be stopped to be charged and the facility could operate 24/7, increasing productivity. The space previously needed for the AGVs to charge could be put to better use. In addition, using this technology, the establishment would need fewer AGVs in total and the batteries of these could be reduced.  

The goal of our student team is to implement DWC technologies that would charge automated guided vehicles in warehouses, harbors, and airports. 

The Team

The team was founded as an Honors Academy student team in September 2020. The idea was initially proposed by Koen, then Mahmoud and Marwan joined to found team InCharge. The InCharge family grew beyond the Honors Program becoming more diverse, welcoming people from different disciplines, nationalities and universities.







Jon Almagro Aranguren

Applied Physics

Mikey Gustavsson

Mechanical Engineering

Lorenzo Cammarota

Industrial Engineering

Karim Mahmoud

Electrical Engineering

Gregory Melville

Mechanical Engineering

Tudor Pioara

Electrical Engineering

Carlota Prieto Fieldmann

Industrial Engineering

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  • Perfect environment for people willing to take full responsibility in a project
  • Dynamic extra-curricular skills
  • Flexible working hours, on-site, at home, wherever
  • Fun and collaborative working environment
  • Take part in fundamental team decisions
  • Manage your own personal development within the team

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We are an Eindhoven-based , TU/e student team of 8 enthusiastic students, get in touch with us for information, collaborations, and questions.

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